Nappa Butterfly

The "Nappa butterfly" bracelet design draws inspiration from the distinguished style of a tuxedo, exuding a bold, manly, and classy aura. With a buckle that resembles a refined cufflink, it not only represents timeless masculinity but also offers practicality and ease of wear. By combining timeless style and practicality, the Effortless Urban Sophistication bracelet becomes an indispensable accessory for the modern man. It embodies the concept that sophistication should not be sacrificed for convenience, and effortless style should be within reach.

Nautical Prime

In the picturesque city of Sydney, where the waves danced harmoniously with the golden sands, there existed a vibrant blend of nautical charm and modern sophistication. Inspired by the breathtaking coastal landscapes, the designers envisioned a bracelet that encapsulated the essence of this coastal paradise. "Nautical Prime" was born from the fusion of nautical influences and contemporary style. It encourages wearers to embrace their own unique journey, navigate through life’s challenges with grace and resilience, and find harmony between tradition and innovation. Let the coastal symphony guide you as you sail toward your dreams, exploring the depths of your passions with a spirit of adventure and a touch of contemporary elegance.

Nappa Recto

In a world where complexity often reigns, there was a quiet sophistication found in simplicity. The "Nappa Recto" bracelet design embodied this essence of subtle elegance, where minimalism and masculine charm intertwined. Wearing the Nappa Recto bracelet became an invitation to embrace the beauty of simplicity and elevate one's personal style. It was a reminder to focus on what truly matters, to appreciate the essence of life's moments, and to embody strength and elegance in every aspect of one's being.

Infinite Recto

From the heart of Sydney Australia which is known for its innovative architecture, there was a remarkable skyscraper called "The Infinity Sydney Tower." It represented the perfect blend of boldness and simplicity, symbolizing the endless possibilities that simplicity can offer. Inspired by this architectural marvel, a bracelet was created. It embodied the same sense of confidence and elegance. The bracelet's clean lines and refined design reflected the wearer's strength and sophistication. It encouraged individuals to tap into their inner strength, pursue their dreams boldly, and find beauty in every moment.


Inspired by the fluidity and grace of a woman's form, the B Hook bracelet captured the attention with its captivating curves and delicate lines. More than a piece of jewelry, the B Hook bracelet represented a mindset—an invitation for women to embrace their femininity and embody the essence of graceful sophistication. It served as a reminder that true beauty lies not only in appearances but also in the confidence and poise that radiate from within.

Nappa Interlock

Crafted with the finest nappa leather, known for its softness and durability, the Nappa Interlock bracelet celebrates the beauty of genuine connections. The interlocking buckle uses clasp 316L, meticulously crafted with precision, and serves as a symbol of friendship's embrace. Available in various colors, each representing a unique aspect of friendship and relationship.

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